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Open the door to a world of new opportunities with a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. This internationally recognised qualification can give you many options to explore for your new career in the fitness industry. Here is just a few possibilities available to you with your official Personal Training qualification.

Work at a Health Club, Hotel, Spa, or Gym
The Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training is the education level necessary to work in gyms, health clubs and other leisure facilities as a personal trainer. This is a great career path to choose as it allows you to ply your newly acquired trade in an employed or self-employed role in a gym environment. Many personal trainers are directly employed by the gyms/health clubs providing security. However, there are also many venues that prefer to retain the services of personal trainers on a freelance basis. Therefore allowing you the freedom of training clients at the gym as and when you need and also training clients elsewhere. This would allow the freelance trainer to have clients in several gyms at once. If locations are important to clients it makes sense not to miss out on business by simply sticking to 1 location.

Be Your Own Boss
One of the greatest advantages for me as a personal trainer is the flexibility of the working hours. 3-4 clients before lunchtime, the afternoon free then another 1-3 in the evening. I found this freedom of time so rewarding. I wasn’t doing a 9-5. So I wasn’t getting stuck in rush hour I could do my own thing. Personal Training is ideal as a career for working parents to fit around children as you can literally work 1 hour here, 2 hours there. If you are mobile (which is a massive advantage for personal trainers) you can visit clients at their homes, meet them at the local park, a local gym or anywhere you can conduct an safe, effective training session. Flexibility is Freedom.

Boot Camps/ Group Circuits
Some trainers use bootcamps and circuits to supplement their income from private sessions. Some ONLY do boot camps and group circuits. Its entirely up to you but either way i would definitely recommend adding this service to your repertoire as a trainer. The popularity of outdoor (or indoor) group circuits have dramatically increased in recent years with the rise and rise of Crossfit training systems and alike. If you conduct 2 boot camps a week with 20 attendees each time ( in most cases its usually the same 20 people give or take a few drop out and newbies) at £5 you’ve added an extra £200 to your weekly turnover for 2-3 hours work.

Work Abroad
The Level 3 Personal Training qualification is internationally recognised. There are endless options of locations in which qualified personal trainers are in great demand. Most recently Dubai and the UAE has seen a great up surge in demand for fitness professionally which has tempted large numbers of fitness qualified Brits to move to the region to ply their trade. (The average wage for personal trainers in this part of the world is around UAE$12000 per month)
Though its not only Dubai and the UAE in which the British fitness professionals are heading. Australia and European countries like Spain and Iceland are popular locations for fitness qualified people migrate to in order to ply their trade.

Cruise Ship Personal Trainer
Cruise ship personal trainers live a life of exotic travel while getting to simply do what they love and (get paid for it) in a wonderful environment. Travel the world, wake up in a different destination each day and train people in the process. What an option to have as a qualified personal trainer.
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