Focus On: Gill’s Health & Fitness

Addressing a person’s diet is the key to ensuring that we reduce the possibility of developing heart disease, cancers, strokes and diabetes – as well as a multitude of digestive problems. KCLC have teamed up with Gill’s Health & Fitness to offer local residents the opportunity find out how they can reduce these risks by participating in a Weight Loss challenge. Find out how to identify the hidden sugars in food. Have access to specialist Tanita Scales that give readings on weight, BMI, Body Fat, Hydration,Muscle Mass, Physique rating, Basal Metabolic Rate, Metabolic Age, Bone Mass and Visceral Fat.

Sessions run at 3pm on Thursday afternoons at KCLC and include a 30 minute guide to simple exercises that you can do anywhere. There is also the option to book a FREE private individual 45 minute wellness assessment. Feel free to join us.

Gill Lindsay, owner of Gill’s Health & Fitness has been there, read the book and got the t-shirt so to speak. Many of us will be able to relate to Gill’s story…

Having had an opportunity to change career, I decided to do something that I enjoy and am passionate about: Health, Fitness, Wellbeing and Nutrition. Before getting married and having children, I considered myself to be quite active. I did Karate, Ice Skating and generally kept myself fit. After having my 2 daughters, like most new mum’s I put on weight, didn’t have time for exercise, ate off the children’s plates….etc. etc., you know the story. After a family holiday to Portugal, I was horrified when I saw the pictures of how much weight I had put on.

Like most people I had dieted for years, lost weight, put it back on, lost it again until Herbalife found me, after I had already left my job of 27 years in the NHS and retrained as a Personal Trainer and had set up my own business – Gill’s Health & Fitness.

Despite being a Personal Trainer and working out with my clients, I was still struggling to maintain my weight and lose some excess body fat. However, from using the Herbalife products and having a healthy active lifestyle, I have for the last 2.5 years lost body fat, gained muscle and maintained my weight easily with the help of the Herbalife Products.
My before pictures, as you can see, are quite different from the way I look and feel now.

This has enabled me to do what I enjoy most and help others to improve their health, nutrition and fitness.

For more details about trying Herbalife or my classes contact Gill on 07951 744 493 or email her at